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Harnessing the perfect balance between creative flair and engineering precision, our team stands at the forefront of innovation to deliver unmatched results. Our unique fusion of imaginative creativity and technical prowess enables us to craft integrated solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

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Founded in 2021, Mardal began its journey with just two passionate individuals: a graphic designer and a front-end engineer. From the outset, our mission was to craft cool, interactive websites that not only engage but also inspire. As Mardal expanded, so did our range of services. We now offer comprehensive solutions that include website design, development, logo creation, UX design, and social media management across platforms like Google. Recently, we’ve embraced the future by incorporating AI technologies into our offerings. This innovation allows us to deliver even more personalized and efficient services to our clients. Mardal has grown not just in size, but in ambition and scope, always aiming to exceed the expectations of those we serve.


Kushtrim Arifi


Leon Abrashi

WordPress Developer

Lum Berisha

UX Specialist

Blerina Humolli

Web Development & SEO

Dren Zogiani

Software Developer

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