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We are a diverse team of experts in product design and engineers. We are design thinkers and agile practitioners. We are change makers.

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We’re a global group of strategists, designers, and engineers building notable brands and premier digital experiences that captivate users worldwide.

Our unified approach ensures scalability and consistency across all brand touchpoints by building robust design systems.

We have a lot of fun doing it, too

Technology can be daunting, but we brighten the process by shaking things up and sticking to a positive, healthy approach that helps educate our clients and keeps things on track.

<p>Meet our team. We are a small group of geeks who have always been inspired by technology and books. </p>

Kushtrim Arifi


Leon Abrashi

Law & Management

Lum Berisha

UX Specialist

Blerina Humolli

Web Development & SEO

Dren Zogiani

Software Developer

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